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I don't know if the thread is locked, but I cannot post there.

Looks like Joe Nail hasn't paid for a ' gold' rating.

Then I spot the woman at the May 2009 socials in the recent tours photos section.

He said, ' well, she may have just decided to turn up'..

The entire video, plus coments, reminded me of my college fraternity days many years ago.

The object was to get half snockered and meet a woman to take home or to the back seat of the car for sex.

Another complaint I make to John Adams is the woman asked me for money.

I am not saying that all the women the men meet on these tours are prostitutes, but it didn't look or sound very romantic to me.

It was video taped in a night club, and showed lots of drinking and dancing.

Ray often reminisced about his logging days and told of his experiences participating in a log drive down the Clearwater River.

They moved to Alaska, where they spent the next eight years on Prince of Wales Island working for Valentine Logging.

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On a forum, one American guy states that, there were women in attendance because their friend was listed with AFA but they themselves are not interested in dating foreign men.

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